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We are a strategic business partner in recruitment and development of organisations’ and individuals’ potential. Our foundational knowledge lies within personality psychology, since human behaviour affects everything we do. We are also resellers of Hogan Assessment Systems in Sweden. Our work is based on cutting-edge science and a large, personal engagement for our clients.

This is ProTalent

ProTalent is an established brand in recruitment and development – a consultancy within strategic HR. We started in 2009 and have loyal, wonderful clients both in public and private sectors. As a business partner, we are quality and relationally oriented.

Our procedures are based on great business proficiency, high competence in cognitive science, long experience, a solid and trustworthy methodology, a digital workflow as well as a warm and personal engagement. We are always available for our clients.

The business is based on scientific method, logical processes and good relationships. The common denominator is trustworthiness. We believe in transparency in all we do and are efficient.

We prioritise the relationship to our clients and are happy to inspire with high participation I the cognitive based assessment. Through the years, this has created a great knowledge and engagement. Understanding out clients and their business thoroughly is a prerequisite for us being able to contribute to their success.

Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to the development and curation of high-performing and healthy corporate cultures among our clients. We are focused on uniting the individual and the business and we know what crucial role the knowledge of personality and human needs play in becoming successful. Our strongest incentive if to contribute to our clients’ success.


The Recruitment Process

We are experts in recruitment and have validated systems and methods for dealing with all parts of the process, from profile of demands to introduction. Our ambition is to aid executives and HR. Our recruitment process is based on scientific data and emphasises competence. These are the stages:.

  1. Profile of demands – Together we develop a profile of demands to find a person matching the attributes, skills and experiences required.
  2. Advertisement – We create an advertisement and publish it in the channels of your choice. We provide recommendations and guidelines in order to best target your specific demographic.
  3. Quantifiable criteria – In the first selection, the applicants are ranked based on how well they fit the profile of demands (i.e. specific education, experience, driver’s license). Only the best fitting candidates proceed to the next stage.
  4. Assessment 1 – In the second selection, work-based psychological assessments are conducted to measure logical problem-solving skills. Only the best fitting candidates proceed to the next stage.
  5. Assessment 2 – In the third selection, work-based psychological assessments are conducted to measure basic personality traits, incentives and stressinduced behaviours. Only the best fitting candidates proceed to the next stage.
  6. Structured behavioural interview – The few applicants with the best match of the profile of demands proceed to the interview stage. In accordance with your wishes, we can wither conduct the interview on our own or along with the recruiting manager. Alternatively, we can merely supply an interview framework based on the demanded competences.
  7. Collection of references – We can perform a structured collection of references in order to facilitate efficiency.
  8. Hiring – Right person in the right place! If requested we also facilitate a quick and efficient introduction, starting with a three-part conference with manager, new employee and consultant from ProTalent.


Do you lack an internal recruitment system? We can take care of all administration regarding the recruitment process.

What’s included

  • Consultation for establishing a profile of demands
  • Creation of digital advertisement
  • Tailormade selection questions in the application form, enabling a ranking based on match of profile of demands
  • Publishing of advertisement on Platsbanken, your website, our website, LinkedIn and Facebook if requested
  • Applicant support – Management of all questions received from applicants
  • Ability to log-in and view applications in real time
  • Rejection of concerned applicants once a decision of employment has been made


Work-based Psychological Assessment

It is easy to be affected by the charisma of an individual and impossible to objectively capture a wide range of skills through subjective interpretation. Furthermore, non-productive behaviours often become apparent after the period of probationary employment has expired. We therefore recommend the use of scientifically proven aptitude and personality assessments early on in the selection process. This will increase the accuracy of getting it right immensely. During the personality assessment, we measure logical problem-solving skills, basic personality traits, incentives, and stress-induced behaviours. Collectively, these affect performance greatly.

We use Hogan Assessment Systems – one of the top solutions for selection and development. The creator, Robert Hogan, is widely recognised as one of the most prominent researchers within the field of personality psychology and its connection to business related success. For the past 25 years, his research has continued to raise the bar for testing solutions.

Hogan Assessment Systems (HAS) is a powerful tool for assessing the fit of individual, performance, task and organisation. It is built on the three sub-tests:

  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI: a personality inventory capturing the individual’s strongest and most positive traits).
  • Hogan Development Survey (HDS: evaluates and pinpoints the individual’s risk behaviours when he or she is faced by increasing demands or finds herself in stressful situations).
  • Motives Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI: a scientifically based and validated tool describing the individual’s incentives and values, affecting intonation, energy levels and culture).

Raven’s APM-III (Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices)

This non-verbal test is used for assessing general aptitude/capacity. The tasks consist of geometric shapes and can therefore be used regardless of linguistic or cultural background. The test is designed to assess the ability of analysing and combining data in order to solve unknown problems and shows how quickly a person can apprehend and adapt to new, complex situations.


ProTalent can take care of interviewing the applicants or being of aid in your arrangements. We work with the competence-based interview and proceed based on questions constructed to measure an applicant’s skills within critical areas and are therefore the most crucial to perform well in a specific position.

Collection of references

We can support you by collecting references of your final candidates. We have a well-tries and structured method for this and will of course customise it based on what is of most value for you.

Second opinion

Do you want us to perform a qualified, independent assessment of applicants at the end of your recruitment process? Hire us for a Second Opinion.We contact selected candidates, conduct cognitive psychological tests (personality traits as well as logical problem-solving skills) and make qualified comparisons between applicants against the profile of demands. If requested, we can perform a structured behavioural interview and structured collection of references as well. We inform you as our client and go through the applicants’ expected work performance.Second Opinion is suitable both for recruitment and development purposes.


It is important to ensure a quick and efficient introduction of new employees. This is true both for assignments and culture. Except for the customary information about business plan, mission and concrete assignments, as well as getting acquainted with manager, colleagues and customers, we set up three-party conferences (requires that cognitive psychological assessments have been conducted during selection):

  • Recruiting manager, new employee and consultant from ProTalent meet and make a concrete connection between work assignments and the results of the cognitive psychological assessments for personality. Here it becomes apparent where the fit is satisfactory and in what areas monitoring may be needed
  • Development plan is created
  • We also analyse and ensure the quality of the safety aspect and that the brand on a deeply personal level is experienced ass meaningful to engage in.

The entire process is based on transparency and good intentions of creating appropriate prerequisites for success. This defuses what may otherwise be viewed as sensitive and often becomes visible after several months. At that time, it is hard to know where it is good to start trying to solve the issue.

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Scientific method

Our work is based on logical, easily understood processes which are based on research and are transparent. Our methods are gathered from world-leading cognitive psychological assessments based on great expertise in personality psychology.


Coaching of leaders

How do you facilitate for your leaders in everyday life to neatly reach goals through others while simultaneously developing the business in an everchanging world? Does the leader understand her mission and context innately, is it experienced as meaningful and is there enough competence to deliver?

The foundational assumption in our coaching is that both the professional mission and the personality directly influence leadership style through behaviour, values and decision-making. This in turn affects the employees’ acting, the corporate culture, the structure and the choice of strategies. Individual coaching differs from other types of leader development since it focuses on every individual’s unique conditions and challenges. The structure incorporates challenges and situations from everyday life, which is experienced as relevant and practically useful. Our coaching is cognitive and behaviourally focused, and the methodology is based on psychological theories and scientific studies. It helps the leader to reach goals by integrating new strategies as well as practicing mindfulness and constructive habits facilitating success.

Personal development

Through an increased awareness about your personality and its effect on you and your surroundings, you can create strategies for your everyday life, experience increased happiness and develop as a person.

A first step is to take a scientifically recognised personality assessment mapping measuring your basic personality traits, incentives and behaviours which may arise during perceived pressure. It creates a wide and deep foundation for a person to better understand how life should be in order for it to be easy to live, what gives her energy, and in lack thereof, drains her of it, as well as the skill to recognise stress-induced behaviours before they become physical ailments and affect her surroundings negatively. For the past 15 years, we have used Hogan Assessment Suite (HPI, HDS, MVPI).

You sit at home by a computer connected to the internet and fill out the test. Afterwards, you meet a consultant at ProTalent AB, either via physical meeting or by phone, and get feedback on your results. This takes approximately two hours.

We guarantee aha-moments and a deepened understanding of what is what in your personality and how different parts enhance, complete or oppose each other. You decide which situations you wish to process and together we reflect and create sustainable strategies. You can add-on with additional meetings if this is requested. This service is suitable both for professionals and individuals.

There is also an opportunity to arrange three-part conferences where someone important in your work/personal life is needed to be present in order for understanding to increase and development to happen in everyday life.

Life and career counselling

Our life and career counselling is suitable both for professionals and individuals. It is suitable when it for some reason is time to take the next step in life. It is conversational and builds on the following contents:

  • Situation assessment
  • Looking back
  • Personality and incentives
  • Competence
  • Vision
  • Strategies
  • Plan for action

Team development

  • Identification of the group’s goals, critical assignments and successful behaviours
  • Individual mapping of personality, incentives and values
  • Complete analysis for creating understanding of patterns and in-group behaviours
  • Creation of strategy for constructive behaviours connected to assignment and goals
Management team development

The fact that the CEO has the final responsibility for the business and the strategic decisionmaking is widely known. But in an everchanging and complex world a well-functioning management team, which create and recreate the arena for people and business, is a hygiene factor. How does a management group become candid, transparent and trustworthy on a deep level? As if they are driven by the same inner compass and can paint pictures in everyday life inspiring others to continue to work on? How is that foundation built?

We ensure that the mission and vision of the business is an integrated part of each and every one in the management team and that there is an authenticity, an inner safety and motivation to create trust and belief in the future. By working with the importance of personality for results and corporate culture, the common awareness of the group about the effect of the individual’s behaviour increase. Even the management team’s communication and cooperation is concerned through focus on WHAT we do, HOW and WHEN.

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Loyal customers


Completed Hogan Assessments


Completed assignments

Hogan Reseller

Hogan Assessments is industry-leading regarding personality assessment

Hogan Assessments is industry-leading regarding personality Hogan Assessments was founded in 1987 by Joyce and Robert Hogan and is world-leading in personality assessment and leader development. Hogan became the first to scientifically show the significance of personality for the business’ success. They are also cutting-edge in personality assessment for improving work-related performance. Hogan is still as engaged in the innovative research and development of tools which paved the way for the company to become so successful.

Hogan Assessments are currently serving 75% of the Fortune 500-companies. Their tools for assessing personality facilitates:

  • Choosing the right candidate
  • Identifying potential
  • Determining whether the employee’s incentives match the corporate culture and values
  • Developing talented employees and leaders
  • Understanding tendencies of derailment in individuals.

They are available in 57 countries in 46 languages

Hogan Assessment Systems have created an industry-leading network of international collaborators in order to serve their customers worldwide. 40 distributors are active in more than 50 countries spanning six continents and have in turn local resellers. ProTalent AB is a reseller in Sweden for the distributor Summit.

Hogan’s assessment tools are based on science

Hogan’s assessment tools are based on well-tried research and has been validated. Hogan holds the industry’s largest and most curated archive of original research with access to hundreds of validated studies showing how well these assessment tools predict performance.

Collectively, the assessment instruments form a wide and deep depiction of personality, which is useful at different time through the employee’s entire lifecycle:

  • HPI (Hogan Personality Inventory) predicts performance by measuring basic personality traits – how we relate to others when we show ourselves from our best
    angle. The instrument is based on the five-factor theory, has a worldwide norm group
    of 500 000 individuals and is validated on 200 professions. It takes 15-20 minutes to fill
    out and is administered online.
  • HDS (Hogan Development Survey) measures tendencies of derailment which prevail during stress and has a negative effect on the individual and the surrounding. It identifies problematic aspects of behaviour and has a norm group of over 10 000 individuals. It takes 15-20 minutes to fill out and is administered online.
  • MVPI (Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory) measures an individual’s innermost incentives and indicates from these suitable professions, corporate environments and motivational factors. MVPI can show to what extent the individual’s values overlap the organisation’s values and desired culture. The instrument is validated on over 100 organisations. It takes 15-20 minutes to fill out and is administered online.

To administer and interpret results, education and certification is required.

Competence platform for talent management and a large selection of reports for the organisation’s different purposes

When an assessment has been conducted there is a myriad of different reports to choose between depending on the purpose of the assessment. All reports are available in Swedish.

Hogan’s reports cover all organisational levels and are a support in, por example, selection processes, leader and team development, talent management, safety and succession planning etc.

In Configure, you can use Hogan’s competence platform and create research-based profiles of demands, to later match the candidates’ or team members’ results on HPI and HDS. You can also customise your own profiles of demands, in order to match your organisation’s needs, and then access Hogan’s great, research-based library of competencies.

What organisations can independently use Hogan Assessments internally?

Medium to large sized organisations who have their own HR-unit internally stand to gain on independently control personality assessment. Usually, someone at HR become certified and is then able to support managers in this part of the selection process. An account is created at Hogan Assessments where you, via a digital platform, are able to order any requested tests and reports based on your needs. You receive qualified support and guidance. Monthly billing.

The results from the tests are useable throughout the entire employee lifecycle:

  • Facilitate introduction
  • Building and developing teams
  • Employee and leader development
  • In connection with coaching
  • At conflict management
  • In life and career counselling and change of positions
  • At rehabilitation
  • At termination of employment

Wanting to understand a person creates respect and trust. Once we have understood to many aspects as possible, we are able to professionally connect to the current situation and conduct a constructive dialogue together.

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